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During sparring, opponents score points by using kicks and by punching the opponent's chest protector. The following is a list of some of the effective sparring techniques:


1. Round House Kick

This kick is popularly used in taekwondo sparring. This is because it is powerful and very fast. In order to perform this technique, you will use the top of your foot to kick your opponent. You can do this by simply lifting your leg and kicking horizontally. This kick targets the midsection or the head. Depending on your stance, you can easily deliver this kick with your rear or front leg. There are certain variations to this kick such as jumping or spinning round house kicks.



2. Axe Kick

The ax kick requires you to be very flexible because the technique involves lifting your foot up to your head. Once your foot is above your head, you will kick downwards on your opponent's head with the bottom of your foot or the heel. This kick should be delivered very fast. If you do it slowly, your opponent will launch a preemptive strike to defend themselves.



3. Spinning Back Kick

This kick is a very effective counter attack technique when sparring. It is especially effective against the axe kick. When your opponent comes at you with an axe kick, you can spin to avoid his attack and strike him with a back kick. If for instance, your right leg is in front of you, you can spin and kick him with your left leg. The spin has to be counter clock wise if your right leg is the one that is in front. If it is your left leg, the spin will be clockwise. Distance and timing in the spinning back kick is what will determine how effective your kick will be.



4. Spinning Hook Kick

This kick is often used as a follow up to the round house kick. You can kick your opponent using this kick by simply lifting up your foot and kicking them with the bottom or heel of your foot. The kick resembles the spinning back kick only this time round your leg will move in a horizontal manner.



5. Double Kick

This is one of the deceptive techniques used in sparring. The move involves two round house kicks. Using your front leg, perform the first kick on the side of your opponent's chest protector. Follow this move with a round house kick to your opponent's chest by jumping off your other foot without putting the first foot down. The reason why this technique is effective is because your opponent will focus on your first maneuver and will not expect you to immediately perform the second move.



6. The Block Punch

The punch can serve as a defensive block or as an offensive strike. Three motions are involved when trying to perform the block punch when you are in your standing stance. First, you will need to create a punching distance by putting your front foot forward. Secondly, you need to protect your lead leg from kicks by extending your front arm downward. Finally, you will strike a power punch with your powerful hand. These moves have to be done simultaneously.


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