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Most people see yoga as a singular thing, a way to meditate and relax through various poses. However, you may be surprised to find out that yoga can include physically demanding exercise too! Of course, the exercise won't be quite what you'll find in your gym routine, but it's still a challenge. So, what other types of yoga are there? Let's get into it!



Vinyasa is one of the more athletic types of yoga and involves switching from pose to pose in a singular flow, holding each one for a set duration of time. Usually, you'll be doing this type of yoga with an instructor that leads the flow, and the students follow. The unique part of Vinyasa is that the poses are coordinated with your breath, which is key in managing your flow from one pose to another. Once you get comfortable with it, which typically requires a short warm-up, you can start holding more complex poses and for longer durations, too!



This is one of the most popular types of yoga and should help you a ton in your daily routine without requiring much effort or exertion. Restorative yoga targets relaxation after a long, exhausting day. In this form, you'll focus on a few poses but hold them for longer. Since the goal is to relax, make sure you surround yourself with a soft pillow and blankets and anything else that puts your mind and body at ease.



As the name suggests, this form of yoga is designed for expecting moms. There is a variety of poses to choose from, so you can tailor the yoga according to the trimester that you’re in and also the kind of mood you’re in! Prenatal yoga not only helps with breathing, but it also helps prepare the mother-to-be for labor and, in the process, strengthens the bond she has with her baby. As pregnancy can significantly alter the amount of flexibility you can have, the poses will be designed more along the lines of simplicity rather than complex exercises.



Similar to prenatal yoga, yin yoga also focuses on a stable, simple form of yoga that allows easy meditation and breathing. If you’ve felt a lack of connection with your inner self lately, there is no better way than to do some yin yoga and regain that sense of peace you’ve been longing for. To start, open your favorite yoga class and follow along with the poses, each of which can be held for as long or as short as you’d prefer.



Shifting focus back to a more complex but rewarding form of yoga, Iyengar targets precise poses and transitions in a flow that has to be properly aligned. Typically performed in a class, Iyengar yoga also works in tandem with your breath which, once again, is key to controlling your movements. In practice, you’ll be holding poses for a fair length of time while still moving around as guided by your instructor.

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