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Once the fighter has a general idea of their plan, the following process is necessary for them to be able to execute their plan properly:


1. How to Psychologically Formulate The Strategy

The competitor has to observe their opponent's every move and collect the necessary information. For instance, when they want to do a back kick, which part of their body shifts the most? This will help you to read their next move. The competitor has to also analyze their situation appropriately and make a prompt decision. The decision should then be followed by immediate execution of the plan.


2. How To Physically execute The Strategy

The competitor has to be able to change their techniques depending on the situation. They have to also conserve their energy as they execute their strategy. This involves judging whether there is a need to use excessive energy or whether it should be conserved. Next, the competitor should have appropriate timing to defend themselves or to attack their opponent. They then have to carry out their general plan and score as many points as possible in order to win.



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