What Is Learnfight?

Learnfight is a social network site where members get rewards for their activities. One of company's goal is to promote healthy activities, support businesses, fitness club and sports clubs around the world. Learnfight is a place where people who like sports can connect and interact with each other while getting rewards for every activity they do. 


Members of Learnfight can accumulate activity points that they can transfer to their bank account or use to buy products and services from businesses listed in the website. We want to reimagine how people spend their time online by giving them rewards for doing healthy activities.


Learnfight is also a place where business owners can list their business, products and services for free. They can also use their activity points to advertise their business. Aside from promoting healthy activities, it's also our goal to help improve the economy of every country by giving activity points and rewards to our members that they can use to purchase from businesses. We believe that if people are earning atleast double of what they currently earn, they have more money that they can spend to purchase products and services from local businesses.


Additionally, Learnfight is dedicated to sponsoring sporting events and competitions in Australia and we plan to expand worldwide.