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The following are some of the sparring tips that you can use against your opponent in order to gain an advantage:

1. Determine whether your opponent is a defensive or an offensive striker. If they attack you first, then they are an offensive striker; if they wait for you to make the first move, then they are a defensive striker.

2. Find out whether your opponent is a kicker or a puncher by doing a fake move. If they throw up their hand, then they are a puncher if they kick, then they are a kicker.

3. Every opponent has their favorite technique. This is probably a technique that they feel is the most effective or that they feel they have mastered. In order for you to know which technique your opponent relies on, try and attack them first. Note that you should not attack blindly; have a counter attack plan in mind.


4. When you are hitting your opponent, your stance should never be wider than the width of your shoulders. You want your strikes to be precise and fast. A wider stance will only make your movements slower.

5. Do not show any fear when you are sparring. Your opponent will sense the fear and use it to their advantage. However, you can also use fear as a fake.

6. The right moment to strike is when your opponent is about to strike or when he is about to land from a strike.

7. Economize on the amount of energy that you use. Do not kick unnecessarily. Kicking utilizes more energy than punching or other hand techniques. If you get tired too early into the sparring, your opponent will see it and take advantage.

8. The most obvious and most important tip is to never underestimate your opponent. Your opponents come with different styles and techniques and underestimating them could predict your loss.


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