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In addition to being considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time—and for many, the best—Roger Federer is also well known for his sportsmanship. Let's look at the tennis legend's life right now.

Federer’s Personal Life

Federer was born in Basel, Switzerland, and has South African and Swiss ancestry (as well as dual citizenship). In addition to tennis, he also played basketball, badminton, and football as a child.

Initially a hothead, Federer developed a reputation for being ice-cold on the court as his career advanced. Many believe that change was brought about by Federer's longtime coach Peter Carter's passing (in 2002 to a car accident). Federer was deeply affected by the tragedy, and he appeared notably more composed after it.

Federer met Mirka Vavrinec, a former tennis pro, at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. They are now married. The pair is the parents of two sets of identical twins: twin boys were born in 2014 and twin girls in 2009. Myla Rose, Charlene Riva, Lenny, and Leo Federer, together with their parents Robert and Lynette, wife Mirka, and other members of the Federer family, are frequently pictured supporting their son during matches.



His Career

By winning the junior Wimbledon event and the Orange Bowl in 1998, Roger achieved his first significant victories and was named the ITF World Junior Tennis Champion of the Year.

Federer made his professional debut at the Davis Cup when he was just 18 years old, and he finished in 1998 as the 64th-ranked player in the ATP world rankings, making him the youngest player ever to do so. At Wimbledon in 2001, Federer shocked everyone by defeating Pete Sampras, the reigning champion and a tennis legend, in the fourth round. He made an even bigger step the following year.

He entered the top 10 for the first time in 2002, finishing sixth overall in the ATP world rankings. That served as the cornerstone for his breakthrough year in 2003, when he revealed his genuine potential to the tennis world.

Federer created history by winning Wimbledon, becoming the first Swiss player to win a Grand Slam event, and winning seven of the nine ATP finals he participated in. He was now ranked No. 2 worldwide but still needed to be finished.

After winning the US Open and Australian Open and defending his Wimbledon championship, Federer rose to the top of the ATP rankings for the first time towards the end of 2004. He also won an ATP Series 500 Finals and an ATP Masters Series 1000 Finals.

Federer had a difficult start to 2005 despite being ranked first at the start of the year, despite having previously established himself as one of the greatest in the world. He managed to recover, though, by capturing a second US Open title and his third consecutive Wimbledon victory.

The legendary Swiss player intended to leave the ATP Tour in September 2022. Federer announced his intention to retire after the Laver Cup in a touching message to the sports world, particularly the tennis community. His final encounter, a doubles match with Rafael Nadal, was emotional.

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