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Boxing is a combative sport between two athletes. It requires each player to throw and hit punches at their opponent. This battle of the fists requires speed, precision, and stamina. Each hit has an equivalent point that is decisive in the outcome of a match. A boxer must not throw punches mindlessly. It requires quick-wit and strategizing. A deep understanding of this increases the odds of winning. Check out the 10 boxing punches below that every boxer should know.



The 10 Boxing Punches


1. Jab

A jab is a sudden move used in various combinations. It is one of the first techniques taught to beginners and diligently mastered by experienced boxers. The non-dominant hand is usually the one that performs the jabs.


2. Cross

The cross is a straight punch that outputs a lot of power. The release is from the rear hand and crosses the body position to hit the opponent. It is an efficient knock-out weapon when mastered. The dominant hand executes this high-impact move.


3. Lead Hook

A lead hook is a short-side upper punch from the non-dominant hand. The arm must be at a ninety-degree angle and parallel to the ground.


4. Rear Hook

A rear hook is a short-side upper punch from the dominant hand. It is a punch that requires a lot of body coordination. Like the lead hook, positioning the foot, shoulder, back, and elbow is fundamental.


5. Lead Uppercut

A lead uppercut is a short swing upward punch. It is a close-range move that packs a wallop. It is the left hand for an orthodox and the right hand for a southpaw.


6. Rear Uppercut

A right uppercut is like aiming to hit the chin of the opponent to ensure victory. It is like the lead uppercut. It is the left hand for a southpaw and the right for an orthodox.


7. Lead Hook to the Body

A lead hook to the body is similar to the lead hook. It has the intent of striking the body for points. This move has a risk of leaving the chin defenseless.


8. Rear Hook to the Body

The rear hook to the body punch is the same as the rear hook. It has the intent to hit the body of the opponent. Bending the knees low with this move is advisable to lower the risks of the chin being open for attacks.


9. Jab to the Body

The move jab to the body is a sudden punch. It aims to hit the opposite player's body. When doing this technique, it is wise to allow your head to slip while punching. It is a secure way that the head does not become vulnerable.


10. Cross to the Body

The cross to the body is a straight punch from the rear hand. This move requires some back hip rotation and flexibility. Like all punches aiming for the body, keeping the knees low is key to lessen the risks of a backlash. An orthodox throws it from the right hand, and a southpaw uses the left hand.


Knowing and learning different combinations of these ten boxing punches gives a boxer the advantage of strategizing. Therefore, winning a boxing match is not far from reach.


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