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The world of sports is an incredibly diverse and dense one. Each sport, from football and basketball to curling and ice skating, has an unfathomable amount of depth to it. It can be a truly magical journey going from learning the ropes to becoming a semi-pro or even professional-level player! With that said, let's get into the five sports we think you need to try because they're way too much fun:


1. Football

I may be partial in this case because football is a sport really close to my heart and something I've played since I was a kid, but I can assure you that you'll have just as much fun with it as I have all my life! The fundamentals are simple; you have to kick the ball into the other team's net, and you can only use your feet (kind of) to do it.


2. Basketball

It's no secret that you need to be tall if you want to make it big in basketball, but that doesn't mean you can't pick it up as a fun game to play on the weekends. The feeling of getting a three-pointer for the first time is unmatched by anything and gives you a high that you will be chasing for the rest of your basketball-playing career! All you need to get started is a basketball, a hoop, and a basic rundown of the rules.


3. Table Tennis

Ping pong, you've probably seen Forrest Gump go crazy for it, and there's a good reason that happened! Table tennis is one of the most fun sports and is really simple to start. The rules are similar to tennis; the ball has to go over the net and bounce twice in the opponent's half or fall off the other side. Unlike tennis, it involves much less effort and is much easier to learn, so pick up a racket today and give it a shot!


4. Squash

Think tennis, but against a wall. Squash is one of those sports where you really get to unleash all your frustration with a racket in your hand and a tennis ball in front of you. Jokes aside, squash is another somewhat niche but really fun sport that is best played with a friend and makes for a really good workout in the process! You'll probably need a squash court to get started, but you can also get away with just a horizontal line on a wall (acting as the net), and a racket and ball are essential.


5. Volleyball

We’ve all seen the movie scenes of beach volleyball and wondered what it would be like to make a diving hit at the last second to get it over the net. Well, it’s time to stop wondering and go try it for yourself! Volleyball is essentially badminton with a football-like ball that is much lighter. The rules are to hit it with your hands and get the ball to drop in their half for a point. We hope we've been helpful, and until next time, goodbye!

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