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Football, basketball, and tennis are all great games, but if you're looking to challenge yourself by trying something new, there's a whole category of rare sports that the common person doesn't know. Today, we're sharing five rather unusual yet highly entertaining sports with you, so stay tuned to the end of this article!



Potterheads, your wildest dreams have come true! Quidditch isn't just a fictional game from the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter, but it's also been invented in real-life. There's no flying involved, but the rest of the elements of the game, such as athleticism and strategy, remain. You'll need dedicated team members, a hoop, a quaffle (deflated volleyballs), three bludgers (usual footballs), and broomsticks. It's an exciting mixture of dodgeball, football, and hockey, so check it out.



Archery is a sport that requires patience, strength, and precision. If that sounds like your cup of tea, it's time for you to search for the local clubs in your area and get registered. It's always a lot easier to train under a professional archer's guidance than go solo. You'll need a bow for beginners, arrows, and a target stand. As you get better over time, you'll have to upgrade your bow with an aiming sight, stabilizers, and possibly a clicker. It'd also be best to wear arm guards since the bite from the bowstring can be painful if your form is crooked.


Underwater hockey

It sounds almost unreal but believes us, this is a legitimate sport played globally. The rules followed are pretty similar to regular hockey: two teams use hockey sticks to score a puck across the field into the opposing team's goal. The critical difference is that the field is a swimming pool, and the players wear diving masks and swimming garments. If you're already well-accustomed to playing hockey, you're likely to do a lot better than other beginners in playing this sport. But regardless, it's an exciting and rare game to try out.


Axe throwing

We've all been in that position where we're simply in awe at movie characters chucking an axe to a target board and hitting bullseye (think of The Hunger Games!). This sport is part of legitimate competitions where players compete to see who can hit the closest to bull's-eye at a given distance. Keep in mind that this activity can be hazardous if you're left to your own devices, so make sure you have the basics down or have a trusted instructor with you when you embark on your axe-throwing journey.



One of the first sports played in the Olympics, fencing, originates from the art of swordsmanship and the need for self-defense in old times. From posture and footwork to attacking and carrying, there's a lot for you to learn if you decide to take up fencing.

These were only five of the rare sports that are played globally today; there are tons more than you can find out as you delve deeper into the sports industry. Start with one sport that resonates with you, and get to it!

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