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It is common that when you walk into a taekwondo studio, you will see that the students are wearing belts of different colors. The students wearing the white and yellow belts are beginners while green and blue are mid level. The red and black level belts indicate higher ranks. The following are some of the implications for the belt ranks:


1. Knowledge

The belt colors indicate the amount of knowledge that you have of taekwondo. The white and the yellow belts indicate knowledge about basic blocks, punches and kicks. As you advance to the next level, you will be able to apply most of these techniques during sparring and practice. At the black belt level, you will be able to instruct other lower belt rank students.



2. Skills

There is a very big difference between a white belts front kick and that of a black belt student. The white belt will have less balance, power and speed in their kicks when compared to that of the black belt. As a student advances through the ranks, they gain more skill and are able to polish up on minor details. For instance, the black belt will know how to pivot their feet or how to turn their hips in order to deliver a powerful kick.


3. Perseverance

The more a student advances through the various belt ranks, the more they are seen as being able to persevere and endure the trials of learning taekwondo. Taekwondo is a sport that involves a lot of physical activity. There are also many patterns to learn which can take a toll on anyone because they are not easy to learn.

In addition, there are breaking techniques that the students have to learn at every stage. They are also likely to encounter bruises and bumps in the course of their training. The fact that they are able to get through these frustrations and advance to the next level shows that they have perseverance.


4. Dedication

The belt ranks that a student has acquired shows that they are dedicated to learning taekwondo and are willing to advance to the highest rank. Training in taekwondo requires time and effort. Students should be able to set aside a significant amount of time in order to be able to learn and train in taekwondo. Juggling between work and school and training takes dedication and commitment.


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