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As mentioned earlier, stretching is an essential part of your taekwondo training. However, it is important to show its importance in your training. The following are some of the benefits of taekwondo stretching:


1. It will help you to increase your flexibility

In taekwondo you need to be flexible enough to do your axe kicks, round kicks, etc. You also need to be flexible to kick high up without tearing your hamstrings or causing other soft tissue injuries. Flexibility can be defined as the length to which your muscles can stretch. When you stretch, you lengthen your muscles thus enabling you to do a variety of movements without straining your ligaments.



2. It helps you to improve the circulation of blood

After a very intense taekwondo work out, you muscles need time to repair. They require sufficient blood flow in order to hasten the repair process. This can be achieved by stretching your muscles every day. Not only does an increase in blood flow to the muscles hasten the repair process but it also helps to nourish them and helps to get rid of toxins.


3. It will help you to improve coordination and balance

As mentioned earlier, when you stretch you increase flexibility. When you acquire flexibility, you will be at a better position to improve your coordination and balance. This reduces your chances of falling and getting injured during training.


4. It helps to reduce lower back pain

The main cause of lower back pain is tight and stiff muscles in the buttocks, hips, hamstrings and lower back. Stretching allows the muscles to become more flexible and thus helps to alleviate the pain.


5. It helps to improve your cardiovascular health

Studies show that when you stretch, you lower blood pressure by improving the function of your arteries.


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