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In taekwondo schools, they use colored belts to indicate that a student has progressed from one rank to another. The junior ranks are known as gup while the senior rank is known as dan, or black belt. Belt systems vary between different schools. However, the most common system uses only six belt colors: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black.


What Does Each Belt Signify?


White Belt

Every student must begin at this level. They usually begin at the 10th geup level. The color white is an indicator of innocence and this belt is given to the student the moment they enter the school. Before they advance to the next level, they must gain a yellow stripe in their belt.



Yellow Belt

This is the first rank that a student is promoted to. It signifies the sun and the earth. The two elements are necessary for growth and therefore serve as an indicator that the student is still growing. Half way between the yellow belt and the next belt rank, the student is given a green stripe.



The green belt is used to show that the student is still growing and has great potential for growth. At this stage, the student is unrefined and is still developing strength and growing into the art. Before they advance to the next level, the student will be given a blue stripe.



The color blue signifies the sky. The sky is the limit and students should aim to reach the other ranks. They are usually given a red stripe before they advance to the next rank.



This belt signifies the final stage of the junior belt ranks before the student advances to the black belt. The color red is associated with danger and it warns other students that the student is becoming a skilled fighter. When the student receives a black stripe on their belt it shows that they are half way up to reaching the black belt rank.



The black belt indicates that the student has reached maturity. They are given the rank of a first dan and are promoted from the junior ranks. From there, they can advance through the black belt ranks.


Other colors

Some schools include other colors such as brown, purple, and orange in the junior rankings. These colors are not widely used and only remain in the schools or particular association.


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