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Adrenaline junkies are often fueled by their fearlessness and sense of bravery, which propels them to take risks and break limits that others don't even try to test! However, hang gliding is not the place for people like that. Unlike a lot of other sports where fearlessness can be useful, and the risks range from minor to somewhat severe injury, in hang gliding, it could be the difference between life and death. So, hang gliding calls for precaution and extensive prep, but how do you actually do it? That's what we're going to explain in today's article! Let's get into it:

Tips and Tricks

First off, all you need to get started is intention and commitment, and we're certain you will become an ace in no time! Hang gliding is one of those sports where if you're skeptical about the investment and commitment, you will quickly realize it was for nothing, as it's completely worth it! The two most helpful tips we have for beginners are:

  • Relax: Bad decisions are made under pressure and anxiety. While in something like football, it could mean the difference between a goal or a miss, it could have far more severe consequences in hang gliding. Hence, being relaxed is a key part of learning and becoming better at hang gliding. The key parts where this will help you are:
    • Recognizing the lift force and its strength
    • Focusing forwards and controlling the glider with ease
  • Look forward: This is opposed to looking downwards on the hill you're running down. In the case of hang gliding, this is advisable because you're not concerned with the base of the hill; you're merely on it to build up lift-off speed and eventually go forward instead of downwards. Accordingly, looking forward means you'll be better prepared to steer away from the hill once you reach lift-off velocity.

The running launch process is often the hardest part for beginners to learn and master. Initially, you may find it difficult to run at speed, especially since, if the glider was not there, we would tumble down uncontrollably and seriously injure ourselves. However, you'll find that the glider and its harness work to add a counterforce to gravity; lift. This lift ensures you do not have to balance your entire wait on the steep hill; only what is manageable. Eventually, once you gain enough speed, you'll feel this counterforce get larger and larger until you have lift-off speed, and the ground disappears from under your feet. This is hands down one of the best parts of hang gliding and keeps me (and many others) coming back over and over to get the high again, literally!

For our concluding advice, we cannot stress enough how important it is to A. hire an instructor or coach and B. listen to them! Further, starting with the appropriate equipment for your skill level and progressing gradually is another important factor. Lastly, as we said earlier, keep looking forward and relax! You’ll get there eventually; we have faith in you.

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