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Starting as a beginner at boxing may seem daunting since there's so much to learn and do. This confusion regarding where and how to start is further enhanced by the various boxing montages that can be seen on various TV shows and movies. It is essential for a beginner to keep things as simple as possible to build a strong foundation that you can develop over time. 


Decide where to train.

The first step includes deciding whether you need to go to the gym for training or are considering training at home. This initial decision is based on whether you want to train like an expert with professional equipment or choose boxing as a side hobby and can make do with little to no equipment you can acquire in your home. If you're talking about the former approach, you need to ensure that the gym is close to your residence or workplace and has the equipment that pertains to your specific needs. You can do this by visiting various local gyms and making a decision based on your personal preference. 


Get in contact with a coach.

Secondly, it is exceedingly helpful to have a trainer who will guide you through the entire process and ensure that your technique and ability develop as needed. You can check whether the coach will be right for you by asking various necessary questions, such as their coaching philosophies. This insight will help you understand whether they will be the right fit for you. 


Do your research.

If you're training at home and want to get the best out of your training, it is essential to research various aspects, starting with the initial forms, such as the boxing stance. A boxing stance should help you strike and defend yourself equally. Then, it is important to start small with right and left jabs and repeat them until you have perfected the form and the technique so that it becomes easier for you to build up from them in the future. In this stage, you can utilize various resources, such as video tutorials and books. 


Remember to focus on footwork.

Another critical thing to consider, whether you're training at home or a gym, is that you need to focus on your footwork. This will help you to build a rhythm that can be seen in your boxing. Not only this, but it also helps you help you cover ground when you are trying to strike or are in the process of defending a strike. 


Diversify your training.

You should also include a form of cardio and conditioning exercise, such as jump rope, in your routine, which will help build your stamina and improve your boxing. Having a diet plan that suits your body's specific requirements and fitness goals can also be a huge asset. Make sure you don't get too into the boxing part and start neglecting other vital aspects of your fitness journey. 

Once you've followed all these steps, you can start boxing in no time!

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