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Several different things are demonstrated in taekwondo. These demonstrations vary according to grades. Each grade has a certain combination of patterns. A variety of techniques are also included from the various grades. In order to illustrate the techniques and patterns, sparring has to take place. Board Breaking is also a part of the demonstrations. What therefore are the things that judges look for when awarding points during demonstrations?


1. Ki-Hap

Ki-haping, simply put, is yelling in taekwondo. Many students have wondered how relevant ki-haping is since taekwondo is mostly a physical exercise. However, there are a variety of reasons as to why students of taekwondo ki-hap; some of them being to show the instructor that they are ready, to get rid of inhibitions, to summon energy to the Dojang, etc. In demonstrations, the main reason for ki-haping is to focus the mind, body and heart. Judges look at whether the ki-hap is coming from the inner voice and if the students actually mean it. Some students ki-hap because it is part of their routine.



2. Stances

Another element that judges look at is the stance. Stances are the basic elements of taekwondo and a lot of students overlook this fact. Instead, they focus mostly on the other complicated elements of sparring or poomsae. Stances are very important because they determine whether the technique will be properly executed or it will fall apart. Judges look at how close to the floor your stance is and if it is correct. A low stance gives better balance and allows for proper execution of a technique. Students usually rush through the techniques without properly demonstrating their stances. They would rather show off their speed than their stance; which is another thing that judges look at and deduct points.



3. Breathing

Judges can easily tell if a student has control over their breathing when demonstrating a poomsae. Some students forget to breathe while others breathe erratically. This leads to poor technique and a lot of tension in the upper body. The power of a move comes from technique, speed and breathing.



4. Technique

This is the most important aspect that a judge looks at. They look at whether you are able to prepare, execute, and recover. It is what separates a true martial artist from a mediocre one. Moves should therefore be closely analyzed by students during practice. They must understand basic preparations of the technique and how to recover to the original position. There has to be power in the technique and brute force should not be confused for speed. Every technique has to have controlled breathing.



5. Remembering movements

The poomsae has to be very accurate without mistakes. Incorrect moves or forgotten moves during a technique will automatically score the student low marks or no points at all. Students have to practice and practice until the moves come naturally to them. There is no time to stand and try to recall particular moves during sparring. Therefore the moves must be executed concisely and precisely.



6. Taekwondo Spirit

Judges look at your spirit. It is mostly reflected in the ki-hap and in the execution of the techniques. Every move should have effect, power and character in the process of being executed. Many demonstrations usually perform poomsaes perfectly but they do have personality or character. This demonstrates a lack of confidence and commitment to taekwondo.



7. Position and posture

This goes hand in hand with stance. The back has to be vertical at all times during the demonstrations.



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