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We've all met that 'gym bro' who knows everything about lifting and exercising, and they're always trying to teach us how to do our own thing, but it never really makes sense, does it? People like that can sometimes actually deter us from going to the gym, and today we're going to try and undo that damage! This guide will show you the actual way to get started with the gym and hopefully accomplish all your body fitness goals.


A coach will make things easier

This is definitely not a requirement, but it's one of those things that make your life just that much easier. With a fitness instructor, you can be certain you're getting advice from a trusted source, as coaches usually have years of experience with not just achieving their own goals but also helping their students get theirs.

For the most part, the coach will help you figure out the right exercises and get the right form when you're performing each exercise. Improper form not only hurts your gains, but it can actually lead to injuries as well, hence the importance of knowing the right way. In terms of exercises, you will be able to work with them to develop a personalized plan that targets your specific goals. And, apart from all this, they can act like your personal (non-obnoxious) gym bro who answers any and every question you have with a well-informed answer. You should be able to find a coach at your local gym or search for one online.


Getting weights

This is a great option for those who want to make a home gym; it allows you to do your entire workout without having to commute at all. The items you'll be looking to get include dumbbells, one barbell, resistance bands, and kettlebells, among others. There are many different types of equipment and machines you can buy for a home gym, but these should be perfect for getting you started for now.

In terms of which weights you should use, generally, it is advisable to start light and go higher in terms of reps if you feel like it’s getting too easy. Increasing reps instead of weights is advisable because it ensures there’s no change in your form. If you increase the weights, you’ll likely have to adjust your form accordingly (and may even be unable to do so in some cases)


Warming up is no joke

The importance of a good warm-up cannot be stressed enough. 90% of sprains and muscle pulls in the gym happen because the user didn't warm themselves up properly. An effective warm-up routine is as essential to a workout as the exercises themselves. If you're looking for ways to warm up, consider the following suggestions:

  • Light cardio: jogging, walking, or cycling for a couple of minutes
  • Stretching: any stretches that work well for you and target the muscles you’ll be working out
  • Light exercises: squats or sit-ups but without weights; avoid doing them till failure
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