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As mentioned earlier, stretches in taekwondo have to target certain muscle groups in your body so as to increase your flexibility. The following target taekwondo stretches will give you an idea of how to do your stretches.


1. Achilles Tendon Stretch

To begin with, it is important to understand where the Achilles tendon is located and what it is. This is the tendon that runs from your lower back, to the muscles in your calf and down to your heel bone. This tendon contracts during a powerful move such as a round kick. It is important therefore to protect this tendon from injury by stretching.

How To Stretch It

With both arms touching the wall or a sturdy object, lean forward. The hands should be shoulder width apart. Next, extend your right foot backwards and have a 90 degree bend on your left foot ensuring that the heel is firmly placed on the ground. Lean forward into the wall until you feel that your back and leg muscles are being stretched. In order to make the stretch deeper, you can sink down with your hips slowly. Half a minute should be enough to hold this stretch before changing sides.



2. Ankle Stretch

Taekwondo involves a lot of turning and spinning and this requires that you work on the flexibility of your ankles so as to improve your technique of kicking.

How To Stretch It

The ankle stretch is very simple. Simply lie down on your back with your knees straight. Move your ankle such that you can comfortably push your foot forward. Try as much as possible to keep the knees straight when dong this stretch. Continue pushing your foot forward until you feel you cannot push anymore. Hold the position for about 15 seconds before releasing and going back to your neutral position. This procedure should be done in ten repetitions. This kind of ankle stretching is known as the plantar flexion.



3. Back Stretches

There are two popular ways in which you can stretch your back after and before your taekwondo work out: cat stretch and child's pose.

Cat Stretch

This is a very simple way of stretching your back. Simply get down on your hands and knees. Just as the name suggests, you will have to arch your back up as far as possible towards the ceiling just like a cat. Hold this position for about 15 seconds and get back down. Do this at least ten times.



Child's Pose

This pose will not only stretch your back but it will also help you to stretch your ankles, thighs and hips. This position requires you to get down on your hands and knees on the floor. Spread your knees and ensure that your toes touch. Sit down on your heels and lean forward, ensuring that your belly rests in between your thighs. Stretch your arms as far in front and hold the stretch for fifteen seconds. This move should be repeated at least ten times.



4. Calf Stretches

It's very easy to tear your calf muscles during training. The following technique will help you to stretch it out before and after a training session.

How To Stretch It

Stretching your calf muscles is similar to doing the Achilles tendon stretch. You have to stand at arm's length from the wall and put your hands on it. Lean forward stretching your right foot as far back as you can with a 90 degree bend in your left foot until you feel your calf muscles stretch out. Hold the pose for about thirty seconds before switching legs. Note that the foot extended backward should be straight with no bend at the knee. The stretch can be deepened by sinking deeper with your hips.



5. Hamstring Stretch

Having heard about all the horror stories of people tearing at their hamstrings when doing an axe kick or any other movement during the taekwondo training sessions, the following are some of the stretches that you can do.

Touch Your Toes

This is a very simple stretch to do. To begin, stand with your legs crossed while ensuring that your feet are touching. Keeping your rear knee straight, bend over and reach for your feet. Hold this position for about 30 seconds before switching feet.


Lying Down

This is also another technique that you can use to stretch your hamstrings. To begin, lie on your back with both knees straight on the floor. Raise your right leg and straighten it until you feel that the back of your thigh is stretching. Ensure that there is a slight bend on your left leg. Hold this pose for thirty seconds before switching legs.



6. Chest Stretches

Chest stretches are very important because the taekwondo training sessions will require you to throw powerful punches, blocks, etc. If you injure your chest, chances are that you will have to sit it out for a while until you can be able to train again. If you are preparing for a tournament, this is a risk you would not want to take.

How To Stretch It

With your palms facing up, clasp your hands behind your back. Pressing your shoulder blades together, pull your hands down and stick out your chest as far out as you can. Hold this position for about twenty seconds.



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