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The Basics of Wrestling Everyone Should Know

If you grew up watching WWE stars slam folding chairs on each other’s heads and use the ropes to pull off the sickest moves on their opponents, I know exactly why you're here. As wrestling lovers, sometimes we can't help but want to try it ourselves, and you'll be pleased to find that it's every bit as fun as it looks! But first, we have to learn what the basics are; we have to learn how to walk before we start running. With that said, let's start with the following:


What is wrestling?

For the uninitiated who are here to learn, wrestling is a form of combat sport involving grappling techniques such as throws, locks, and holds. It can be performed in various styles, including freestyle, Greco-Roman, and folkstyle.

In freestyle wrestling, an Olympic sport, wrestlers can use their legs to attack and defend and hold their opponents above or below the waist. When it comes to WWE, though, it's a different story.

WWE wrestling is known for its over-the-top characters and storylines, as well as its high-energy and physically demanding matches. WWE wrestlers are entertainers and athletes, and they often have distinctive looks and personalities that are part of their character. Many WWE wrestlers are known for their signature moves, which are highly choreographed and rehearsed sequences of moves that they use to finish off their opponents in a match.


The basics of wrestling

The basic objective of wrestling is to throw, take down, or pin your opponent to the mat or ground while also trying to prevent your opponent from doing the same to you.

There are a few key positions that wrestlers often find themselves in:

Neutral position: This is the starting position in which both wrestlers stand and face each other.

Defensive position: This is when a wrestler is on their back, and their opponent is in a position of control, such as on top of them or standing over them.

Offensive position: This is when a wrestler controls their opponent, such as when they are on top of them or standing over them.

There are also several basic techniques that wrestlers use to take down or control their opponents:

Takedown: This involves taking your opponent down to the mat or ground. There are various ways to execute a takedown, such as a double-leg takedown, single-leg takedown, or high crotch.

Pin: A pin is when a wrestler holds their opponent's shoulders down on the mat for a count of three. If a wrestler successfully pins their opponent, they win the match.

Escape: An escape is when a wrestler manages to get out of a hold or position of disadvantage and regain a neutral or offensive position.

Reversal: A reversal is when a wrestler takes control of the match by reversing their opponent's move or position.

If you’re getting into wrestling, the importance of safety cannot be understated and if possible, try to only do it under the supervision of a coach.

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