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Introduction To The Art Of Throwing And Falling Techniques

In every martial art, falling is a technique that every student must learn at the beginning of their training. This is because there are many instances in which one is prone to falling. For instance, in taekwondo, there are many kicks involved. This has the potential of knocking down an individual and earning points even if the strike didn't cause the opponent to fall with significant force.


When students learn early in training some of the most basic falling techniques, they can be able to avoid back, neck, arms and even head injuries which could be fatal. Learning the basics in falling will sharpen their reflex and they will avoid incorrect falls. Learning the art of throws is also another advantage to winning a competition in martial arts; especially where a physically weaker opponent is faced with an opponent that is stronger. Even though this is against the rules in Taekwondo because all the opponents are matched according to their techniques and weights, it is still a useful alternative.


How To Execute Methodology For Practice And Instruction?

Martial arts cannot encompass all the known fighting techniques into their training sessions and that is why falling and throwing techniques in taekwondo have to be chosen carefully. The techniques that are chosen must be in line with various rank levels and must be compatible with the basics taught in this level.


Instructors should only introduce techniques that will be frequently practiced instead of introducing many techniques. Throwing and falling techniques require constant repetition in order to perfect them and therefore introducing too many of them would be pointless. Incorporating falls and throws into the regular taekwondo practice may seem awkward at first. However, the basics of any technique should be learned first before combining it with another technique. One way of encouraging students to learn the techniques is by incorporating them and making them promotional requirements.



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