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Ice hockey seems like the absolute time of your life when you watch the players skate around on the rink and shoot the puck toward the net. I mean, who doesn't love skating around on the ice in general? Combine that with hockey, and you have a recipe for fun unlike any other you've experienced before! That all sounds good, but how exactly do you play? The rules can be confusing for any new sport you try, so we're here to help you figure out exactly that! Let's get into it:


What You’re Supposed to do

If you're familiar with football, think of the same rules but with a puck on ice! The players on both teams will attempt to gain possession of the puck, pass it to each other, and eventually score it in the other team's net while preventing the opponents from doing the same. Each goal equals one point, with the highest point team winning the game. Unlike football, however, if the game ends in a tie, the teams go to overtime, where the 'golden goal' rule applies; the first team to score wins the game.


Where and How to Play

As most people are familiar with, ice hockey is played on an ice rink. The measurements of this rink are approximately 66 yards in length and 32 yards in width, and it is split into three sections. The initial section of the rink (from the point of view of either team) is the defending section, the middle section is neutral for both teams (the game starts here), and the furthest section is the attacking section. Both attacking and defending sections have end zone faceoff circles and spots, along with a goal crease which is drawn as a semi-circle surrounding the goal post. Another difference from football is that ice hockey has a playable area behind the goalpost, known as the board area.

In terms of equipment, you will need a hockey stick, ice skates, and protective gear, which includes padding, a helmet and face mask, arm guards, and gloves. This level of protection is enhanced even further for the goalkeeper as they are at higher risk of being hit directly by the metal puck.

The teams in hockey have a maximum limit of 20 players, though only six can play on the rink at a time. Similar to substitutes in football, these players can be substituted in and out as deemed fit by the team and coach. Another restriction is on the goalkeeper (also known as goaltender), who may not cross the red line in the center of the rink, while the outfield players are free to move throughout the rink.


How to Score

In ice hockey, you are free to use any part of your body to score except your hands, once again, similar to football. The entirety of the puck has to be over the line to score a point, which is usually detected using a sensor in professional games but can generally be observed as well.

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