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It is 7 pm on a Friday, and you're sitting on your couch scrolling through the channels on your TV. It has been a very long week and an even longer Friday, so you really deserve to relax. And what better way to do that than by grabbing a bowl of fried chicken while watching Tottenham thrash Southampton? As you scroll through the channels you're subscribed to; a strange and terrifying realization hits you: none of them broadcast the match you're looking for.

If you've been a sports fan long enough, you will undoubtedly have faced some variation of this issue. The mainstream channels only have some smaller matches, and the niche channels have a small variety to offer. What should you, then, do in this case?

Well, worry not! We're here with the five best sports channels you need to subscribe to.



ESPN is a no-brainer since it is one of the biggest sports channels in the world. They broadcast almost every major game or sport, so you can rely on them to show you whatever you need. They also have shows with analysts to help you understand the game and keep you entertained at all times. Moreover, they have launched an ESPN+ service for people to live stream games. While ESPN+ has a limited offering, it still provides unmatched convenience in the sports viewing market.



Hulu's live option offers a range of sports channels that are customizable. They have an on-demand option, so you're sure to find things that interest you. If you have a wide range of interests in various sports, HULU+ Live TV is suitable for you. It is your one-stop solution for all your entertainment and sports needs.



YouTube will never disappoint if you're only interested in watching the big national games. That's why you need to keep this one on your list of sports channels. Its offerings are limited at the moment, but if they're showing a match, there's no better place than them. You can see what people are saying, and they've added many new features over time, such as live replay.


Sky Sports

Of course, if you have a more global preference, Sky Sports is the way to go. Sky Sports will cover almost everything, whether cricket, football, or any other global event. They're a UK-based company, and those British commentators won't ever bore you.


Ten Sports

Since the first three choices were more US-centric, our last two have a more global focus and approach. Ten Sports is one of the world's biggest sports channels and has everything from the Olympics to wrestling or cricket. No list would be complete without it.

If you're a sports fan, you're sure to be already acquainted with all of these services. What you must consider, however, is that the "perfect" combination of channels will differ from person to person. Before choosing channels, compare costs and their offerings and choose according to your needs.

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