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Boxing is a well-known combat sport that has roots that go all the way back to Ancient Greece. It's characterized by fighting using the fists. If you want to learn more about the fine art of boxing, you should first get acquainted with the sport's various stances. A stance in a boxing, in a nutshell, involves the positioning of both the body and the feet.

Orthodox Stance

Orthodox stance and Southpaw stance are the most straightforward boxing stances around. Orthodox stance is suitable for boxers who span all of the different weight categories. It's suitable for right-handed boxers. Orthodox stance, last but not least, is appropriate for boxers regardless of their levels of ability. Newbies and seasoned professionals alike can take advantage of it. This stance is the most popular one in the entire boxing realm. It entails putting your body's left side near your opponent. It entails putting a powerful right hand behind your body as well.


Southpaw Stance

Southpaw stance is fitting for participants regardless of their weight classifications. It's fitting for left-handed boxers, too. As far as ability goes, this stance is a strong option for boxers who are anywhere between intermediate and advanced. Southpaw stance entails putting both your right foot and your right hand in front of you and guiding using right jabs. It even involves a left cross and right hook closer. Some people consider this stance rather risky. This is due to the fact that many boxers haven't ever battled Southpaw opponents.


Wide Stance

Wide stance makes a solid choice for seasoned and capable boxers who know exactly what they're doing. Beyond that, it makes just as solid a choice for boxers who are in need of power strikes. It's appropriate for both left-handed and right-handed participants. This stance encourages boxers to stretch their feet out considerably. It encourages them to bend their knees just a tad as well. Doing those things enables boxers to strengthen the steadiness of their bodies. It enables them to produce a lot more strength as well. Boxers who are fans of countering tend to gravitate to wide stance. The same thing applies to boxers who like hard punches.


Semi-Crouching or Crouching Stance

Semi-crouching stance is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed boxers. Although it's suitable for people regardless of "handedness," it's particularly beneficial for boxers who are on the shorter side. If you're a boxer who isn't especially tall, then semi-crouching stance may work out in your favor. This stance entails bending the body just a bit toward the front. It involves elevating the hands and concealing the face at the same time, too. Semi-crouching stance can come in handy for boxers who want to give their faces and bodies significant amounts of protection. Although the stance offers a lot in the way of face and body protection, it doesn't interfere with blows in any way, shape or form. If you want to give your opponent strong blows, semi-crouching stance may help.


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