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In order for a practitioner to reach their full potential, they have to be able to know a few techniques that they can use to reach it. The following are some of the techniques that they can use:


1. Sitting posture

The Tai Chi method of meditation involves a number of sitting postures. The aim of these different postures is to be able to maintain the energy flow in the body and also to be able to align the body. The Shuang-pan position is an example of one of the sitting positions used in Tai Chi. This position is performed by sitting down on the ground and crossing the legs. The alternate feet should rest on your thighs while placing both your palms on the soles of your feet. Your shoulders should be dropped with your back straight up. If you feel sitting on the ground is a bit uncomfortable, you can use a pillow. This position allows you to be able to complete the connection of pathways of chi to your body.



2. The standing posture

This is another technique for meditation in taekwondo. It is a very popular way of helping one to centre and ground the self. An example of this kind of meditation would be the Wu Ji posture. This posture will require you to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointing straight ahead. Your knees should also be slightly bent and relaxed. Instead of collapsing your knees inward, push them slightly outward. With your hands hanging loosely at the sides, let your shoulders drop and straighten your back. Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose, slowly and deeply.



3. Breathing

Breathing is a very essential part of martial arts, including taekwondo. It is used to give the practitioners full benefits of every meditation posture. The breathing technique incorporates abdominal exhalation. Exhalation periods usually lasts longer than inhalation ones. The purpose of this kind of breathing is to circulate energy throughout your body. Experts believe that energy is meant to flow in a circular manner throughout your body. That is, it should flow from the top of your head, to the soles of your feet and back to your head. The excess energy is stored below your navel. This breathing meditation also encourages the students to focus on circulating their energy throughout their body and also to feel it as it moves through the body.



4. Discipline and self control meditation

Meditation in taekwondo also helps the mind to get rid of negative energy and thoughts that might thwart the chances of you winning a match. This kind of meditation helps the student to become aware of negative energy within the mind such as envy or anger. This kind of observation is also good in helping the student to become more disciplined and focused. Practitioners use this technique by concentrating on thoughts which are immovable and breathing in deeply while sitting or standing.



5. No mind

This is a method of meditation where the practitioner perceives there is no opponent. Instead, they focus on themselves as the opponent and try to perceive which moves are going to be made even before they are. This kind of meditation is known as Bunkai. It is part of the Zen meditation techniques which involve emptying the mind of any thoughts. It is the kind of meditation used by practitioners to achieve discipline and patience.



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