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The son of Delores and James Jordan, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, is from Brooklyn, New York. As a young child, his family decided to relocate to Wilmington, North Carolina. The fourth of five kids, Jordan. While his mother worked at a bank, his father was employed at an electric plant.

 Initially, baseball was his sport of choice, but after spending a lot of time on the basketball court, he developed a new perspective. When they played one-on-one, Larry, his elder and taller brother, consistently defeated him.

Jordan’s Personal Life

Brooklyn, New York, was the place of Michael Jeffrey Jordan's birth on February 17, 1963. Jordan, raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, acquired a competitive edge from a young age. In every game he played, he wanted to prevail.

Jordan had a secure home environment as a child. Delores, his mother, was a bank teller before becoming a published author. James, his father, was a General Electric maintenance worker who later became a manager. James Jr., Larry, Deloris, Roslyn, and Jordan were Jordan's four siblings.

James, Jordan's father, created a basketball court in their backyard and introduced his son to baseball. James was killed in the summer of 1993 while traveling from Charlotte to Wilmington, North Carolina when two teens shot him in his car during what appeared to be a heist. Before his remains were discovered in a swamp in McColl, South Carolina, he was reported missing for 11 days. After being tried for the crime, the teenagers were found guilty and given life terms for first-degree murder.



His Career


Jordan joined Dean Smith's team-centered system, and his potential began to move in the right direction. He earned 13.4 points per game on average while shooting 53.4% from the field, earning him the title of ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) Freshman of the Year. The 1982 NCAA Championship, which the North Carolina Tar Heels won with his help, marked a significant turning point in Jordan's career. He was then chosen by the Chicago Bulls in the third round of the NBA Draft to play for them in the 1984 campaign.

Jordan displayed moments of brilliance and rose to the status of the pin-up boy during the NBA's 1984 season. This incredibly gifted shooter and passer displayed his ball-handling prowess by slamming down free throws with respectable averages.

Because of his large fan base, some of his teammates began to feel a twinge of envy, which resulted in a so-called "freeze-out" on Jordan when players refused to give him a pass during the game. But what set Jordan apart from others was his considerate and impartial stance toward all the problems at the time. Jordan suffered a major leg injury after his season victory, which kept him out of 64 games.

On January 13, 1999, Jordan said goodbye to the basketball court for the second time during his incredible playing career. However, in 2000, Jordan made a triumphant comeback to the NBA as the owner and president of the basketball operations of the Washington Wizards.

 Jordan was a member of the all-star team that included Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and David Robinson. With enthusiasm and swagger, he helped the national team win a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in 1984 and 1992. Jordan retired from playing basketball but kept up his athletic pursuits.

 He started riding motorcycles, marketing his clothing company, and participating in celebrity charity golf events. He owns the Michael Jordan Motorsports professional motorcycle road racing team.

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