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There's a certain chill in the air now that it's wintertime, and as much as we all want to snuggle in our blankets with warm mugs of coffee, the adventurous souls out there might be looking for something a bit different. If you're one of those people who're looking for new sports to master this winter season, you're in just the right place!

Here are four winter sports that are bound to quench that thirst for seeking adventure in the snow.


Ski jumping

You can't talk about winter sports without talking about skiing, but here's a variation you might not be as familiar with: ski jumping. It's as the name sounds; players slide down their skis from a curved ramp, and the one with the longest jump and the best style and form wins the competition. All you need to start ski jumping is your standard ski gear and a helmet. You don't need to take any official classes, although that can help speed up the learning process.


Snow polo

We all know about polo, but have you ever tried to play the winter version of this sport? This game involves the same rules and requirements of regular polo, except it is played on frozen ground rather than grass. The players are divided into two teams of four, and they use mallets to score goals at the opposite ends of the field. Snow polo also involves additional conveniences for the players, such as a bigger and brighter ball and special grips for the horses to help them stay steady on the ice.


Dog sledding

This sport is perfect for you if you're an animal and nature lover. Originating from Alaska, where big dogs help to pull sleds in the transportation of goods, dog sledding eventually transitioned into a famous sport played in icy regions. The basic premise of the sport requires the participants to create a team of powerful and fast sled dogs, and the one who can get across the finish line the fastest is considered the winner.



While many people associate snowmobiling as a recreational activity, it's actually a competitive sport that is played in tournaments as well. If you're a beginner, you're bound to find it challenging, but with time and practice, you'll get the hang of the basics of riding a snowmobile in no time. Once you're well-acquainted with the features of the mobile, you can take it out for a ride. Start off slow but gradually pick up pace as you get used to the ride. You can also challenge yourself by trying out different terrains, although always check the weather and any hazardous avalanche predictions in that area beforehand.

The four sports we've shared can seem a bit daunting and challenging to master at the start, but the effort will surely pay off once you've put in enough hours! Pick a sport you enjoy, set your goals for the winter, and above all, make sure you enjoy every moment of the process. We wish you the best of luck in your icy endeavors!

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