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When it comes to choosing a sport to play, the sky really is the limit with the number of choices you have. Some people like running around, while others like sitting or standing still with more of a focus on decision-making. When it comes to archery, you will be involved more in precision and standing still.

Watching archers in movies and sports, it just sounds like a really satisfying feeling to have when you hit the target dead center in the bullseye. If you've found yourself suddenly chasing that high, you've come to the right place! Today we'll show you all you need to know to start archery.

The types of bows

  1. Recurve bows: these are what you'll see being used by your favorite athletes in Olympic games and such. They feature a sleek design and are purpose-made for target shooting, though they can also be used for hunting if the user is experienced and skilled enough. These are generally considered simpler than the next type of bow:
  2. Compound bows: typically used in hunting, these bows favor power and velocity over precision. However, that is not to say that they are inaccurate, as some athletes prefer these over recurve bows for target shooting. This type of bow incorporates clever mechanics to multiply the amount of force being put into the arrow.

When just starting out, there isn't really a wrong choice, but recurve bows are generally easier to learn and get better with, especially since they don't require much tinkering, and you can easily find one that fits your size. To get the perfect bow for you, recurve or compound, ask your local pro shop vendor for advice and, if possible, a custom bow fit for your needs.

Shooting at the range

There are many rules in place when it comes to archery, a lot of which are centered around safety which takes priority over everything else. These rules will be made clear to you when you go to your nearest range, and it is crucial for you to follow them so that neither you nor anyone around you gets hurt. Along with these rules, you'll also need to get protective gear which should be available at both the range and the pro shop if you'd like to buy your own.

Apart from safety rules, making sure you have proper form is critical to shooting with precision. The importance of form extends further than just precision; it also affects your body! The improper form could put unnecessary or abnormal amounts of stress on your body, which could lead to a sprain or other injury.

Lastly, always pay close attention to your bow and arrows. If your arrows are damaged, they’re not going to fly predictably and could end up hurting someone, including yourself. The same is true for your bow; its structural integrity is critical to shooting accurately, and if damaged, it's possible that the bow could break mid shot, which could seriously injure you.

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