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9 Tips That Students Should Keep In Mind During Demonstrations

All students taking part in taekwondo demonstrations are there to earn the highest possible score. In the previous section, some of the things that judges look at during demonstrations were highlighted but what are some of the tips that taekwondo practitioners can use to score points?


1. Your basic technique

The first thing that you have to ask yourself is whether a certain technique would work if you were attacked. If in your mind you do not see how it will work, then there is no need to use it. Your kicking technique should be fast, powerful, and high. You must also portray confidence in your techniques by looking up and straight ahead. In addition, you have to listen to instructions given to you by your black belt.



2. Poomsae

You must know all your poomsaes because you might be asked to do any one of them. If you fail to show confidence in a poomsae, you will earn low marks or no marks at all. The poomsae should not be rushed. Take your time to display your stances and execute them with power. Your eyes should always look straight ahead. Most importantly, do not focus on other people. If someone makes a wrong move and you follow them, you also become wrong. It is better to fail for making your own mistakes than to fail by copying someone else.



3. One step sparring

With one step sparring, it is better to pick five of your best techniques and do them over and over again. Start with the technique that you feel is the fastest for you then put the technique that you feel is the best second. This is meant to show what you can do. Your techniques have to be varied. The foot and hand techniques have to also be used evenly. If you are a new student, jumping and kicking techniques will earn you good points.



4. Self-defence

Pick out some of your best self-defense techniques and stick to them. It would also be advisable if you tell your opponent exactly how you want them to attack you. Confused instructions will only earn you low marks.



5. Free sparring

Your weight must be evenly distributed. You must always look directly at your partner. Looking away will make you less aware of their moves and will lose you points.



6. Flexibility

You must be able to perform your moves smoothly. A side kick to the knee is likely to earn you more marks than a high section kick that does not have power. On the other hand, if you can do these two moves, you are likely to earn more points.



7. Your balance

To avoid falling, keep your stance low and your weight evenly distributed on the balls of your feet. However, in the event that you fall, just get up and continue as if nothing happened. Making a scene or muttering only prolongs the entire event and will not reflect well on you. It is best to just learn from the experience and move on.



8. Your approach

Taekwondo is all about discipline and respect. The way you approach the ring says a lot about you. You should bow respectfully and approach with seriousness. The poomsae that you are going to perform should be uttered clearly and confidently.



9. Forgetting your movements

You might have prepared and practiced several times but pressure and circumstances might cause you to go blank. It would be a good idea to enter as many competitions as you possibly can in order to help you control your nerves. Even taekwondo practitioners at international level had to go through the same thing and with enough experience were able to get over nerves. If you forget your moves half way, it would be courteous to stop, bow down and request to repeat the routine.



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