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Date updated: January 31, 2023
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First Taekwondo exists for the sole purpose of producing highly skilled practitioners in the traditional Korean Art of self-defence. Our school of Taekwondo takes the traditional practice of martial arts and creates a training method that is practical in the modern age. Our team of highly skilled and certified instructors are Masters in the field of Taekwondo as a method of self- defence, and they provide training that is fun, engaging and effective. Our Adelaide academy is functional and multiple training locations allow all the space and correct environment required for learning the traditional art of Taekwondo. The art incorporates a strict set of principles set out as membership rules that are the foundation of the practice.

Local Business or Place
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First Taekwondo Mitchell Park, mitchell park taekwondo
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Mitchell Park Mitchell Park Sports & Community Centre, 139 Bradley Grove, Mitchell Park SA 5043
0411 831 650
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