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on September 16, 2023 54 views
How well does the GMX 3 Series from Hoyt Archery shoot at 70 meters? I shoot a 72 arrow scoring round at 70M with my GMX 3 series riser and run into a few concerns with the geometry that may need more time spent on stabilizer setup than in the past. The GMX 3 Series riser is very stable at full draw but was not very responsive in regards to the aiming pattern and user input.
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00:00-2:10 Intro
2:10-5:41 Practice
5:41-7:50 First Scoring End 55
7:50-9:57 50
9:57-11:40 53
11:40-12:44 54
12:44-15:09 58
15:09-16:07 55
16:07-17:22 58
17:22-18:50 52
18:50-20:20 54
20:20-22:16 55
22:16-23:24 51
23:24-24:26 57
24:26-33:57 Thoughts on GMX 3 Series
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