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Announcing Precision Tiller Bolts for Win& Win Risers! After recognizing the industry trend of less-than-ideal tolerances in limb-to-tiller bolt interfaces, we decided to create a higher quality and more precisely machined tiller bolt to enhance your bow tuning experience.
-Includes a new locking set screw
-Made from durable stainless steel
-Laser etched for precise adjustments
-Tight tolerances of .001" guaranteed
-Available in two sizes for optimal limb fitment
Now Available at Https://jakekaminski.com
For A&B type risers that use M13x1.25 threaded tiller bolt including but not limited to; INNO AXT, INNO AL1, Winex, Winact-VT, META DX, RADICAL PRO, ATF, ATF-X, ATD-DX, TFT, TFT-G, CX7 WINEX. I have also found some CXT risers to work as they have 2 versions, if the tiller bolt is M13x1.25 in your W&W riser, these will work!
Does not fit INNO Max, INNO CXT, RCX-100, Rapido, SF Forged Plus, SF Axiom+L, SF Axiom Plus Light, SF Axiom, and SF Premium Plus risers (these use C type bolts and use M12x1.25 Thread)
Link to Determining Size Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf0hyX9RlLc
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