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Date updated: January 8, 2023
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We work hard and have a great time doing it! Our facility has everything you need to reach your fitness and boxing aspirations! Come and be part of something positive, fun and challenging. Be a part of a strong team.

All ages and fitness levels are catered to, in a safe, family-orientated environment.

We understand a one size fits all is not applicable to boxing and encourage all students to ad their natural abilities, creating a style that will best suit them.

The Boxing Club has a total area of 250 square metres. The gym’s boxing area has an Olympic-sized 5.5 square metre boxing ring. Our mat area is a generous open space able to cater for large classes. This open plan allows students to develop their movement and footwork in a free range setting.

We also offer personalised 1:1 training sessions via the Tractor Boxing app.

We have an extensive array of dumbbells, free weights, medicine balls, skipping robes. Our fitness area is designed to cater for those who are wanting to do workouts that includes tyre-flips, sled, battle ropes, sledgehammer exercises and much more. The entire floor is covered with EVA floor mats. It makes it comfortable for body-weighted workouts as well.

We have an array of 14 different boxing bags catering to all styles and punches. There also wall-bags, floor to ceiling bags and speed balls.

Our boxers receive excellent basic training. This includes the entire spectrum of footwork, full arsenal of upper body movements and a perfect-punch technique. We attach great importance to individual-coverage work. A perfect defense is the basis for effective attacks.

Our boxing classes focus on skills, techniques and fitness. The art of hitting and not being hit.

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87 Tapleys Hill Rd, Hendon SA 5014
0413 106 367
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