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There are a few things to be aware of when buying glasses that you plan on shooting archery in. I share with you 4 critically important details for glasses that can make a massive difference in your archery scores.
Gear used in this video:
W&W ATF-DX Riser: https://collabs.shop/nbircz
W&W NS-XP Limbs: https://collabs.shop/ecyquw
Easton X10 Arrows: https://collabs.shop/t1mhda
RamRods Stabilizers: https://ramrods-archery.myshopify.com?sca_ref=4737911.rtEoDnO3TF
WAV Pro Vanes: https://jakekaminski.com/store/ols/products/wav-pro-vanes
Kaminski Precision Tiller Bolts: https://jakekaminski.com/store/ols/products/precision-tiller-bolts-prc-tll-blt381
RCore Custom Grip: https://rcore.co?aff=5
Use Code: KAMINSKI for 10% off any R Core Custom Grip!
00:00-1:42 Intro
1:42-3:04 Number 1 Concern
3:04-3:38 Keep Them Clean!
3:38-4:42 Turn Concern
4:42-5:20 BiFocal/Progressive Issues
5:20-6:44 Consistency Advantage
6:44-9:08 Placement Importance
9:08-11:44 I Still Prefer Contacts
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