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on November 29, 2023 50 views
Just how good are the new NS-XP Foam Limbs from Win&Win? I unbox, setup and tune these new limbs for 2024! They have a lot of new features like heat resistant foam cores, vibration dampening epoxy layers and they changed the limb tips! Ive never felt a bow that jumps this hard out of my hand.
Be sure to comment below to enter into the drawing for the W&W swag bag, hat, shirt and arm sleeves! Thanks to Win&Win for supplying the giveaway items!
Get Win&Win NS-XP Foam Limbs Here: https://collabs.shop/ecyquw
W&W Precision Tiller Bolts: https://jakekaminski.com/store/ols/products/precision-tiller-bolts-prc-tll-blt381
Hoyt Precision Tiller Bolts: https://jakekaminski.com/store/ols/products/precision-tiller-bolts
NS-XP Wood Limbs: https://collabs.shop/ybvfwh
ATF-DX Riser: https://collabs.shop/nbircz
WAV Pro Vanes: https://jakekaminski.com/store/ols/products/wav-pro-vanes
Tuning for Performance: https://jakekaminski.com/store/ols/products/tuning-for-performance
Tuning for Performance (at Lancaster Archery): https://collabs.shop/ovq0jm
Beiter Blocks: https://collabs.shop/tropl6
Bow Vise: https://collabs.shop/j5meox
Bow Square: https://collabs.shop/lmvjng
W&W Carbon Clicker: https://collabs.shop/wvkx6h
AAE Gold Plunger: https://collabs.shop/rbftka
X10 Arrows: https://collabs.shop/t1mhda
00:00-1:14 Intro
1:14-4:08 Giveaway Details
4:08-5:47 First Look
5:47-7:30 Heat Resistance
7:30-8:22 Vibration Dampening Epoxy
8:22-8:54 Foam Core
8:54-10:24 String Tracking
10:24-14:07 Curvature and New Tips
14:07-17:01 Draw Force Curves Update
17:01-22:36 Brace Height Change
22:36-25:23 Setup
25:23-37:14 Tuning and Shooting
37:14-43:19 Summary
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