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As exercise is one of the essential needs of the body to be healthy, pursuing a particular sport gives a different level of fitness and body conditioning. One of the most amazing sports is boxing. Training for boxing needs cardio and HIIT workouts while at the same time strengthening the muscles at a static dynamism. One specific exercise that is best for boxing training is skipping or jumping because it improves stamina and mental alertness. Here are the types of skipping exercises that are best for boxing trainees to include in their regimens.



Boxing trainees need to master two basic skipping steps such as:

  • Bounce Step

This is the very basic skipping step where you carry all your body including the feet together up and down when jumping and landing while managing and skipping the rope movements. This is perfect for beginners not only because of its lowest difficulty level, but it hones the body and mind while progressing toward the more difficult skipping types.


  • Alternate Foot Step

The Alternate-Foot step skipping type is where you are like doing the steps of running while skipping on a rope. In this procedure, you must be sure to keep a pace of non-stop and unobstructed running completely not bothered by the rope that you are skipping on. This is done by passing the rope under the feet after every one of the feet touches the ground surface.


  • Double Under

Similar to the bounce step in which you leap twice because the rope crosses twice beneath your feet. This is definitely a dynamic activity because you need to keep in mind not stepping on the rope while keeping your pace perfectly in passing under the feet.


  • Boxer Skip

The boxer skip is purposed for building endurance in the body without using more muscles and without getting too tired easily. This skipping step can be done in a longer period of time while setting the entire physiological aspects of the body inclined to higher gears and fast dynamism in the near future. Basically, Boxer Skip induces explosiveness while in a very balanced rhythm through a higher foundation on footwork and leg strength.

Boxer Skip is done like you are in a jogging rhythm and stepping on alternating-foot. One of the differences between the boxer skip and alternate foot is the speed and size of the footsteps. But the biggest difference is that in boxer skip, the rope passes in the interval where both feet touch the ground surface.

There are also other types of skipping that boxing trainees can do to induce their body's strengths and improve their weaknesses. Skipping step tricks such as:

  • Foot Cross
  • High Knee is done by skipping the rope while jumping higher and having the knees bent
  • Front Straddle is done by skipping rope in a running position but knees bent
  • Lateral Hops is when jumping to every side while skipping the rope

Other types of skipping steps when skipping are to add some arm tricks such as Arm Criss-Cross and Arm Side Swing.

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