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As exhilarating as the adrenaline rush is when you go sky diving, there is no denying the fact that it is one of the most dangerous sports out there and must be approached with the utmost care and precaution. However, we don't mean this in a discouraging way; sky diving is one of the most thrilling and surreal experiences a person can have in their entire lifetime, and everyone should give it a try if possible!

As long as they do it with the right prep and training, there shouldn't be any issues. In this article, we're going to show you exactly what you need to know before you make the decision to go skydiving.



It isn’t as risky as it sounds

Sure, we've all heard horror stories about beginner mistakes and parachutes not deploying, but that's like hearing plane crash stories and thinking air travel is not safe; it doesn't show the real picture. In modern times, especially with tandem skydiving, which gets you strapped up with an instructor, it is actually really safe! Your instructor is an expert who has likely done the same dive hundreds if not thousands of times already and has years of experience on their portfolio. This means you're in safe hands and free to experience the fun of skydiving in all its glory!


Check the weather forecasts and history before picking a location

When taking passengers for a skydive, the pilots and instructors need to make sure the weather is clear not just for the best views but also for the safety of the crew and students. In most skydiving locations, this is virtually not an issue. However, even in sky diving paradise, some days of the year are bound to be cloudy, maybe even with a chance of rainfall. In such cases, your jump will have to be delayed and could throw a wrench into your perfectly laid vacation plans! To avoid this, ensure you're visiting when the weather is historically clear and is forecasted to remain that way.


Go for the recording option

We're assuming you're already excited to record the experience, but some people either genuinely forget or decide not to splurge the extra money. From what I've learned sky diving and what I've seen others experience, you always want the recording. Especially the very first time you do it (it may well be the only time some people do it), being able to relive the experience through the footage should bring back really precious memories of the time you went skydiving!


Careful with your food!

Too often, people don't account for the physical exertion that comes with skydiving and end up going in with a full stomach! When sky diving, you want to be going in with only a light meal (breakfast or lunch, whichever was last) and make sure you don't feel bloated. Similarly, skydiving on an empty stomach is also a bad idea, so consult your instructor and eat accordingly!

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