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Yoga and meditation are hands down the best way to get more in touch with yourself and have just a little bit of peace from the chaos of everyday life. When getting into yoga, you may have a general idea of what to do, but maybe you're not familiar with the exact form and poses you should be doing to get the best results. Well, that's exactly what we're here for! Today we're going to show you the five best yoga poses you should do daily for a healthier mind and body.


This is one of the easiest and most popular poses in yoga, I'm all but certain you've seen it before! To do this pose, you have to sit cross-legged on your yoga mat, put your hands on your knees with your palms facing up, and try to sit as straight as you can. Try to put your weight entirely on the bones that are in contact with the ground and focus on breathing as deeply as you can.


For this pose, we're going to be standing (or sitting) on all fours and imitating a cat or cow! The focus should be on ensuring your arms and knees are perpendicular to the ground. This should help ensure your weight is being equally spread out across your "sit-bones" (the bones making contact with the ground). Once you've got the starting position set, breath-in deeply and arch your back outwards to feel a stretch throughout your spine. Follow this up with a slow exhale and arching your back inwards while tilting your head back.

Tree pose

Think like a tree… Now become one! For this pose, you must stand straight with your hands pressed together as they would for prayer. Now, raise your hands above your head and balance yourself on one leg. Follow this by bending your other leg inwards and resting it on the thigh of your balancing leg. This pose may be a bit difficult to start with, but you'll be good in no time! Remember to switch legs after 30 seconds.

Downward facing dog

If you've ever seen a dog wake up from its slumber and have the best stretch of its life, you know exactly what we're talking about. Place both hands on your mat with your palms down for this pose and make an inverted 'V shape.' The focus should be on keeping your arms, back, and legs as straight as you can for the pose, so you get the best possible stretch.

Child's pose

This pose is an extension of the downward facing dog, so you can do both in a singular flowing motion. To do so, you want the rear parts of your body to essentially collapse so they're all touching each other, and your knees and feet are touching the ground. After this, bring your shoulders and head down as well so they're touching the floor, and spread your arms out far in front of you for an amazing relaxing experience.

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