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If you are a huge boxing fan and love to watch the sport in action, you might wonder what the difference is between amateur boxing and professional boxing. While both sports have something in common and share many of the same links, they also have distinctions that set them apart. This article will explore those differences so you can decide which sport is for you.

Amateur boxers train hard to become champions in their weight class, but amateur boxers will not offer purses or contracts. These boxers are often supported by their families, friends, and teammates in addition to financial assistance from the local club that they belong to. Amateur boxing focuses more on the training of boxers and the sport itself and less on fighting for money.

Professional boxers fight for purses and contracts and can be employed by several places, such as promoters, managers, or other team members. These boxers are often supported by sponsors and money earned during each match. While many professional boxers receive some training before entering the ring, they must focus all efforts on winning matches, which means that they might not become well-rounded boxers in terms of technique compared to amateur boxers. Professional boxers focus on winning by any means necessary.


Amateur boxing usually focuses on the rules and strict regulations, whereas professional boxing is less concerned with rules and regulations. For example, amateur boxing has regulations involving scoring, rounds, ring dimensions, and equipment, while professional fights do not have as many rules. However, both sports have referees who ensure that all of the competitors abide by the existing rules of each match. The referee's job is to ensure that no boxer receives an unfair advantage over their opponent and that each competitor follows the rules for their match.

As mentioned previously, professional boxers fight for purses and contracts, but amateur boxers fight for experience and competition. Amateur boxers do not have to worry about making weight, their age is not a factor, and they do not have to compete against experienced boxers. Therefore, amateur boxing is great for getting started in the sport and those who want to keep practicing their skills regularly.

Amateur boxing involves a limited number of championships for each weight class, whereas professional boxing has more heavyweight champions. Amateur boxing usually has more weight divisions than professional boxing, though the weight divisions in both sports are similar. While amateur boxing can occur in different locations and on various surfaces, such as grass or cement, professional boxers are restricted to making their matches in arenas.

Professional boxers will often have to travel long distances between their hometown and their matches, while amateur boxers can make these trips while competing in other areas of their training.

Amateur boxers usually have to fight in restricted weight classes, such as 105 pounds and below, whereas professional fighters are free to fight in any weight class they want. Amateur boxers are also limited to fighting on fewer days each year. A boxer must win two out of three fights within 12 days to win the national championship or belt. A professional boxer can make up the difference in weight by fighting three or more times within fourteen days to keep his title.

Professional boxers often have many trainers and coaches guiding them through their matches, but amateur boxers are supported solely or partially by their teammates, advisers, and trainers.


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