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Getting the proper footwear for the sport that you're playing is an important step that often gets overlooked. For example, it may seem easy and natural to play football in your favourite pair of sneakers, but you'll quickly find that this is a fast one-way ticket to ruining and even destroying the entire shoe from the extreme wear. So, what should you get instead? That's exactly what we're going to discuss today! Starting with:


For Football

If football is your choice of sport, you will want cleats. However, there is more to it than that. Cleats are only viable (and allowed) if you're going to play in a field with natural grass. If the field has artificial grass or Astroturf on it, you'll want a slightly different version of the cleats suited to that specific surface (search artificial grass or turf variants for the shoe of your choice).

Similarly, for indoor courts, you cannot get away with wearing cleats as not only will they damage the court floor, you will constantly be slipping about and risk injuring yourself due to a lack of grip. For these courts, you should look into IC (indoor court) football boots that look similar to a pair of sneakers but have tougher upper materials to withstand the wear.


For Basketball

Basketball shoes are often as much a fashion statement as they are functional. Unlike football shoes, you will not need to pay much attention to the surface, as basketball is almost exclusively played on hard surfaces. Accordingly, you'll be fine with any pair of basketball shoes you like.

Factors to consider are pricing; the higher priced ones will likely last longer and be more comfortable, and the style of the shoe; low tops and high tops. Most basketball shoes are high tops to protect the ankle of the player, but low-top versions have also been a popular choice in recent times as they offer more freedom and flexibility while also being lightweight.


For Running

This is one sport where you can easily get away with your favourite pair of sneakers; it's what they were made for! When it comes to running shoes, it's hard to go wrong with any of the popular options from Adidas, Nike, Asics, and Brooks, among others. The exact choice you pick will depend on your preference.

For me, I like a lot of underfoot padding (more foam) and a firm but soft fit on top. What you'll want to avoid when going running is doing it in a pair of casual wear shoes like Vans, which are not designed to run long distances in, nor do they have enough padding to keep you comfortable while you run.


For Tennis

In tennis, you'll want a pair of lightweight shoes that offer flexibility without including too much foam under your foot to allow for agile movements. My favourite options in this category are the Nike Court Visions, though you can search for your preferred options as long as they meet the abovementioned requirements to enhance performance.

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