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Boxing and kickboxing are both types of combat sports that require extensive training and dedication to hone these skills and use them for either self-defense or in a professional fight. Both sports are considered quite physically demanding, where a person puts their body and mental health on the line fight after fight. The growing popularity of the two can serve as a testimonial that people are willing to watch these fights at local and international levels. 

Learning the difference between these two art forms is only the initial step in the process. Once you know how these martial arts differ, you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to take up boxing or kickboxing.



Boxing is one of the most popular combat sports; only punching the target above the waist is allowed. Kicking or any other form of combat is considered a quick foul. Thus, a boxer has to utilize various strategies and practices that ensure they can penetrate their opponent's defenses and land a blow. These strategies can include head movement, defense tactics, and the distance you can maintain from your opponent throughout the match.



On the other side of the coin, kickboxing is a form of combat sport in which punching, kicking, and kneeing are allowed but using the elbow to strike the opponent is prohibited. It's also worth noting that this is a stand-up battle in which grappling is only allowed for a limited time. The fighters are bare-feet in the ring, which favors kicking the opponent. 


Differences between kickboxing and boxing 

Now let's get into the nitty-gritty of the differences between kickboxing and boxing. These contrasts include the equipment and rules or techniques to follow during the match. 

In boxing, the opponents are only allowed to punch each other above waist height, while in kickboxing, the opponents can utilize various strategies such as punching, kicking, and sweeping the opponent. Keep in mind that the use of the elbow to strike the opponent is forbidden. Holding or grappling an opponent with the immediate reason to strike the opponent is considered a foul. Kickboxing rules allow for all kinds of kicks. For example, various specialists from taekwondo and karate managed to use unorthodox strikes with great success.

Boxers use special lightweight shoes during boxing because they help in fast movement during the fight, while kickboxers fight barefoot because it facilitates their ability to kick their opponent. Kickboxers also use more protective gear than boxers, such as shin guards and kneepads. 

The addition of kicks makes kickboxing quite different than boxing. However, the punches and the ways to defend them are pretty much the same. It's safe to say that kickboxing borrowed these techniques from boxing and then added the kicking game.

Now that you're aware of the critical differences between boxing and kickboxing, let us know what you think! Which sport calls out to you more, and which sport feels like more of a challenge? We wish you the best of fortune either way.

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