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Martial arts are not only a way of self-defense or a way to spice up the movies you watch. Like all arts, martial arts are a way to improve and discipline yourself. Picking up martial arts is something that most people have thought of at some point in their lives, predominantly in their younger years. Still, people often get dazed by the myriad of martial arts, be it Kungfu, Jujitsu, or Taekwondo; the choices seem almost endless. This article will aid you in learning the differences between the most common types of martial arts.


Kung Fu

Kung Fu is quite possibly the first thing that pops to mind when thinking of martial arts. It generally tries to mimic the flow of nature and its inhabitants, though sometimes Kung Fu is also inspired by various philosophies. The fighting style varies significantly on what type of Kung Fu you try to master, though most are very fast-paced and jerky.



Karate is a form of Japanese martial art that teaches the learner how to use his limbs as though they are weapons. Strikes are fast and swift, and a greater emphasis is put on punching than kicking.



Jujitsu encompasses the art of subduing an opponent who has a weapon with either no weapon at all or an inferior weapon. This martial art focuses intensely on pinning down the opponent's body and using their might against them.



Where Jujitsu relies on using the opponent's might against himself, Judo only tries to teach a learner how to subdue an opponent while trying to hurt them as little as possible. Attacks usually only consist of ways to get the opponent into a more harmless position, such as pinned to the floor. Joint locks, chokes, and strangleholds are also encouraged to be used in most situations, as these moves usually only prove to make the opponent uneasy enough to stop being violent.



Taekwondo is the broadest martial art, as it does not have a general direction except for a few preferences. Masters of Taekwondo can be great at all-around fighting as they learn to subdue and damage the opponent. Take up this martial art if you wish to be a jack of all trades.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi might be one of the most mischaracterized martial art. The western style of Tai Chi removes all the self-defense training it offers, relying solely on its benefits to a person's health. Movements can be slow yet effective in self-defense and the more meditative side of this martial art.


To sum it up

All of these martial arts have one thing in common–discipline. If you choose to pick up any martial arts, you must remember to stick to them. The main goal of learning martial arts should be taking up whatever the journey offers you in terms of self-improvement and not idealizing becoming a master of your body overnight. That concludes this article on the different types of martial arts!

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