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If you're looking for a fun yet challenging sport that you can also play with your family members, figure skating is where it's at. You've probably come across various clips on your social media feed of figure skaters twirling and leaping with utmost grace, and you also might have wondered what it would be like if you were the one skating instead. It's a fantastic sport; we don't blame you!

But you need the right tools to guide you at the start of your journey to avoid ending up in an unproductive rut. This is why we've created the ultimate easy-to-read guide to getting started with figure skating. Keep reading to find out more.


What you'll need

  • Comfortable and warm clothing to help battle the cold
  • Figure skating boots made of leather or vinyl
  • Figure skating blades and blade guards
  • Protective gear, such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads


Getting started

You've stepped onto the rink, and the nerves are catching up to you. You're probably ruminating over how bad an idea this was, but we're here to give you a gentle reminder to stop overthinking. Take a deep breath and take your first step forward. There are often instructors and skating aids available to help you out if you're a complete newbie.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but the first thing you should do is to get comfortable with the idea of falling. No one gets it right on their first try; you're bound to hit the ground many, many times before you can glide properly. What matters is that you pick yourself up in the proper form and try again!

You can move on to basic gliding and turning when you're over your fear of falling. Skating aids are a great help when you want a basic feel of the rink, and you can eventually ditch them once you get comfortable. Learn how to glide, turn, and take longer strokes until you can do all these motions confidently. You'll also need to learn how to stop during this period: stand with your feet together and push one foot off to the side so that it stops your movement. The more you practice, the smoother this move will get over time.


Key things to keep in mind

  • Practice is essential; take your time with all there is to learn. All you need to do is stay consistent and show up to the rink every time.
  • Don't skip your warm-ups. Many people consider warming up a waste of precious time but trust us; you need it. Warming up can help you get in the groove and also help prevent injuries or strains when you're skating.
  • Don't look down while skating. Make sure that you keep your head up so that you avoid colliding with any objects or any other skaters in the rink.

We hope these tips were helpful to you! Good luck with your skating practice.

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