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We have looked at the importance of meditation and some of the meditation techniques used by taekwondo practitioners. However, it is important to also learn some of the useful tips that can help you to begin your meditation.


1. Your Posture

Your posture has to be perfect. Your spine should be straight and your shoulders relaxed. Meditation is all about connecting the mind and the body. If your body is properly balanced, your mind will also be balanced. In order to ensure that your back is always straight all the time, just imagine that your head is touching the sky at all times.


2. Your eyes

Many people find that they drift away in thought when they close their eyes. It is therefore advised that you keep your eyes open when meditating. You can simply lower your gaze. However, if you find that meditating with your eyes closed is more effective, then it is okay to close them when meditating.



3. Your breath

Breathing is an important factor in meditation therefore you should concentrate on how you steam it in and out. You should not control it; just let it be natural. This will help you to stay in the present and not drift away.


4. Your thoughts

If you find that thoughts are creeping into your mind when you are meditating, gently let them go by focusing on your breathing. If you try and block thoughts, you will become agitated. The best way to deal with thoughts is to imagine they are unwelcome visitors in your home and you are asking them to leave.


5. Your emotions

If you have strong emotions in your mind, you will find it hard to get into mediation mode. This is because strong emotions will make you drift away by bringing in thoughts and stories to your mind. Emotions such as anger, fear, envy, etc. all bring stories to your mind. The best way to deal with these emotions is to focus on the feelings of the body. For instance, if you feel a tight knot in your chest that is caused by anger or betrayal, you should focus on that part of your body instead of becoming entangled in the stories. This is meant to create a flow of energy throughout your entire body and will help you to honor the emotions that you feel, instead of getting entangled in thoughts.


6. Your length

If you feel you cannot do a two hour meditation, then you should not do it. The amount of time that you take to meditate should be within your own comfort zone. If you feel like ten minutes is enough then this is what you should do.


7. Your silence

Some people prefer to listen to "meditation music" while others prefer complete silence. Some people believe that silence has healing power. When you sit in silence, you will be able to focus on what your mind is doing. It gives you inner peace and lets your mind rest.


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