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In Taekwondo, a student must strive to perfect their patterns so as to win tournaments. The following are some of the tips that you could use in order to perfect the patterns:

1. You don't have to think of the patterns; the primary goal is to execute them. This therefore means that you have to learn your patterns thoroughly. You can further sharpen your skills by performing them on both your right and left side. It might seem like it is unnecessary but it is still essential.



2. Your every move should have power and conviction. Students may have a flawless technique but they do not execute it properly. For instance, a student may just stick out their legs and arms. This is incorrect because every move should be executed as if you were actually striking, attacking or blocking an opponent.


3. Judges look for a variety of factors in every competition. When they call out your name, you must stand up and answer loudly; not like someone who was forced to come to the competition by their parents.


4. In a competition, the most critical movements include the first and the last. Judges use this to determine which competitor is superior. If your pattern is longer than that of your opponent's, ensure that you pay particular attention to the final move of your pattern. You should also finish in the spot where you started.


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