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I.T.F has 24 patterns which represent 24 hours of the day. The names in these patterns usually refer to people in Korean history or to significant events in Korean history. The following are some of the patterns used in I.T.F.


1. Chon-Ji Tul

This form means heaven and earth. It is interpreted as being the beginning of the world or as being the creation of the world. This therefore is the first pattern that a beginner learns in I.T.F.




2. Dan-Gul Tul

This is a form that was named after the founder of Korea in 2333 B.C. His name was Holy Dan Gun.





3. Do-San Tul

Ahn Chang Ho (1876-1938), is the pseudonym to Do-San. The 24 movements involved in this form are a representation of his entire life which he dedicated to independence movement in Korea as well as furthering education in the country.



4. Won-Hyo Tul

This form is named after the Won-Hyo, the monk that introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in 686 AD.



5. Yul-Gok Tul

Yul-Gok is the alias for Yi I, a great philosopher. He was also given the nickname "Confucius of Korea". The 38 movements involved in this form are a representation of his birth place.



6. Joon-Gun Tul

This Pattern consists of 32 movements. This pattern is named after Ahn Joong Gun who is believed to have assassinated the first Japanese governor Hiro Bumi Ito. The 32 movements in this pattern represent the years that Joong Gun lived before he was executed in 1910 at Lui-Shing prison.



7. Toi-Gye Tul

This pattern consists of 37 movements. It is named after the great neo-Confucian scholar, Yi Hwang. The movements represent where he was born.



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