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Hi! My name is Diana…

I started photography back in 2005 and have never looked back!

In 2013 DianaM Photography was created and has been growing steadily year by year and I have been able to capture some beautiful memories and moments in my clients lives.

My style of photography is modern, light and natural. I don’t believe in posy posy but instead capture the moments as they happen and the raw emotions amongst the little moments.

I love creating and designing, making my ideas merge into a photo, love working with pets (give me all the pats) and hope to create that next level photo. 

My favourite subject to photograph will always be our world around us. There is so much colour, diversity and education we can get from nature and to capture it within my camera and then share for everyone to see, really makes me happy.

I LOVE weddings!

I love the atmosphere, the couples I meet, the intimate moments and funny stories I get to see and hear. I could attend weddings every day for the rest of my life and never ever get bored of them. It’s one day where everyone is happy, in love and the world seems like a wonderful place to be in.

I aim to create a comfortable, friendly, fun but most importantly professional environment and pride myself on excellent customer service (jokes and laughter included).

Local Business or Place
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Adelaide, South Australia
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