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My name is Sebastian Ong and I am Adelaide based fine art wedding photographer (and a genetic scientist). I always dream to be an independent war photographer since I was a teenager to deliver the truth, reality and impartial perspective to the world. Well… a dream is a dream, I have to face the reality. I enjoy travelling, hiking, street photography during my free time.

I started my photography journey with street photography, I enjoy capturing unmediated behaviour, emotions and interactions of people on the street that tells a story. The nature of my shooting style thus brings me into wedding photography. I love telling stories with my images and also passionate in documenting your wedding day, curating your family history from the very beginning. My photography style include but not limited to emotional, fashion and photojournalistic style.

If this is what you are looking for and if you are interested in my visual, do drop me a line or just to say hello!!!

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Adelaide, South Australia
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